Published papers

forthcoming 2023 (in press) Thea Sommerschield
“Iscrizioni su anfore greco-occidentali a Himera”.
In B. Bechtold & S. Vassallo (eds.), Produzioni e circolazione delle anfore greco-occidentali (VI-V sec. a.C.): il contributo dalle necropoli di Himera. BABesch Suppl. series.
2023 Thea Sommerschield,* Yannis Assael,* John Pavlopoulos,* Vanessa Stefanak, Andrew Senior, Chris Dyer, John Bodel, Jonathan Prag, Ion Androutsopoulos, Nando de Freitas [*co-first authors]
“Machine Learning for ancient languages: A survey”.
In Computational Linguistics, MIT Press: 1-44. Available here.
2022 Yannis Assael,* Thea Sommerschield,* Brendan Shillingford, Mahyar Bordbar, John Pavlopoulos, Marita Chatzipanagiotou, Ion Androutsopoulos, Jonathan Prag & Nando de Freitas [*co-first authors]
"Restoring and attributing ancient texts with deep neural networks".
In Nature, 603(7900): 280–283. Cover issue of 10 March 2022. Available here.
2021 Jonathan Prag, Thea Sommerschield
"Sicilia epigrafica: dai depositi alla valorizzazione".
In R. Panvini & F. Nicoletti (eds.), Beni Culturali: dai depositi alla valorizzazione. Modi, forme, esperienze, norme. Mesogheia: 117-136.
2020 Thea Sommerschield
"Restoring ancient texts using Machine Learning: A case-study on Greek and Latin epigraphy".
In Papers of the British School at Rome, 88: 387-388.
2019 Yannis Assael*, Thea Sommerschield*, Jonathan Prag [*co-first authors]
"Restoring ancient texts using Deep Learning: A case study on Greek epigraphy".
In Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP): 6369-6376. Available here.
2019 Thea Sommerschield
"A new Sicilian curse corpus: A blueprint for a geographical and chronological analysis of defixiones from Sicily".
In Leao, D., et al. (eds.), Greek Art in Motion: Studies in Honour of Sir John Boardman on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday, Oxford : Archaeopress. 489-501. Available here.
2016 Thea Sommerschield
"A long way from home: The pertinence of pilgrimage to ancient Greek religion".
In PONS AELIUS, Newcastle University 13: 25-34. Available here.

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